Getting ready for the season at Doral and PGA West

Currently at the Jim McLean Golf School at PGA West. The Season has started here and it’s beautiful. Craig Harmon’s son, John Harmon, is teaching here this winter. Great to have John as part of the team of awesome instructors we have here.

The school at PGA West is the second largest behind the Doral location. The PGA West school has five ranges and is part of a gigantic resort.

Samantha and Annabell Fuller from England came to Doral last year for lessons. They're returning for the Doral Publix Junior Championships. It will be great to see them again along with 680 juniors!

Things are also going really well at Doral. One big event coming up is the Doral Publix Junior Championship. Currently over 680 junior golfers from 40 countries are registered to play.

Just received a great email from England. Last year, Samantha and Annabell Fuller came from London for lessons. They’re returning for the Doral Publix. From their email…

“I hope you remember my daughters Samantha and Annabell Fuller. You gave them a lesson last year which they loved so much they still talk about it today as their best ever lesson!
“Both girls have been extremely successful this year, Samantha winning her third straight European title and Annabell winning her first British Championships. We are coming out to Florida this Christmas and both girls will be playing at Doral. We would love to come and say hello to you and promise not to mention The Ryder Cup!”

It will be great to see all the Fullers…even if you mention The Ryder Cup! Thanks for coming all this way.


Graeme McDowell had a great season and made some clutch putts at the Chevron World Challenge to beat Tiger Woods. It was good to see Woods back in contention. Tiger’s made some significant changes to his swing in the past few months. I’ve been watching very closely and 2011 is going to be an interesting year for him and his golf game. If anyone can make a big change effectively, it’s Tiger. It helps when you have the greatest short game the world has ever seen and you’re the greatest clutch putter of all time. And as a competitor, he’s right up there with the best ever (Nicklaus, Hogan, et. al.)


For the Jim McLean Golf School site, go here.

#1 Golf Schools in America

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Getting ready for the season at Doral and PGA West

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