Publix Junior Huge Success at Doral…700 Junior Golfers

Happy holidays to everyone.

The Doral Publix Junior took place here at Doral last week with over 700 juniors from around the world. That’s right…700!

It was a FANTASTIC event and it was a great opportunity for me and and for all the teachers to watch young players from 40 countries. We learn a lot watching these juniors.

At the very least, spending time with these ultra-enthusiastic juniors is a reminder NOT to make a golfer conform to a method or system. Here at the Jim McLean Golf School, we’re looking at the common fundamentals. Let’s remember…you only need to be great through the impact zone to conform to our number one fundamental which is “center contact.” All top ball strikers consistently hit the center of the club face.

Each of these golfers has a talent and gift and it would be a mistake to make them swing to an exact model. You have to be pretty blinkered to believe there is ONLY one way to swing a golf club and hit great golf shots. Great teaching is about making slight adjustments and helping the player make the most of THEIR swing. Think about a child on a playground who wants to play on the swings. Parents simply pull them back and let the child swing: no parent in their right mind would hold the swing during the entire swing.

The younger golfers have an absolute joy playing the game; they have a free and unencumbered swing: just feel free and let it go. That’s a beautiful thing to see. ‘Older’ golfers can learn a lot watching these juniors. Most adult golfers don’t have a swing, they have a lunge then some type of contrived action.

The competitors played four of the courses at Doral and had spectacular weather. It takes a lot to have a huge event like this and it takes a massive and organized facility like Doral to pull it off successfully: a 700 room hotel, near an International airport, with the best weather is America, and a PGA Tour golf course…the Blue Monster. I know they loved the Blue Monster and they enjoyed the other courses, as well.

We have another big junior event here at Doral in February, the FCWT Jim McLean Junior, which is played on the new Jim McLean Signature Golf Course.

I’m proud to work at a facility like Doral that is open to everyone and supports junior golf in such an important way. There is no place like Doral and I’ve seen just about every serious golf resort in the world.

So watch the new Cadillac Tour Championship (PGA Tour) with the top 70 players in the World (NBC) this March, or better yet come down to my golf school and spend 1/2/3/4/5 days with us working on your game while enjoying the number one recreation city in America, Miami!!! All the top sports teams, great beaches, great restaurants, great fishing, great weather and Doral.

And remember…when you come to the school, we’re not going to make you change everything in your swing to conform to a ‘method’ or ‘technique.’ Our philosophy is to bring out your natural swing so your swing flows as freely and naturally as the junior swings I just saw.


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Publix Junior Huge Success at Doral…700 Junior Golfers

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