About Jim McLean

Jim McLean--President and Founder of the #1 Golf Schools in the World

I’m a golf teacher and business owner based in Miami, Florida. I’m the founder and president of the Jim McLean Golf Schools, the #1 golf schools in the world. Golf Digest currently ranks me as the #3 golf teacher in the United States. My goal with this blog is to educate and inform golfers AND inspire business owners.


2 thoughts on “About Jim McLean

  1. William Herian says:


    I recently saw a blog on youtube.com where you are showing clips of several great players like, Nicklaus and you are commenting about how they all allow they’re left heal to come off the ground on the backswing. Then you mention how these great players lower the left heal back down to the ground to start the down swing from ther ground up.

    Though this “left heal method” of the down swing is not used much in the modern game. Can you tell me the title of this blog or clip on youtube.com? I can’t seem to find it anymore.


    William Herian
    Seattle,, WA

    1. Bill:

      Maybe to the surprise of many golfers, almost 1/3 of the PGA Tour players let their front heel come off the ground when they’re using a driver. Phil Mickelson. Vijay Singh. Padraig Harrington. Lee Westwood. Steve Stricker. Bubba Watson. Tom Watson.

      Jim McLean.

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