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Guerin Rife invented the grooves on putters. I worked with Guerin on putter design for The Rife putter line. We originally hooked up with Spalding, but Spalding folded. Guerin then started his own company.
Grooves are now big on the tour. Many companies now use grooves. I wonder if Guerin’s patents held up?? Maybe he is getting a percentage. I don’t know. When he first told me grooves on a putter would really help the ball roll better, I did not believe him. We did a ton of testing, and to my surprise we could see a difference.
Not long after, I flew over to the Dominican Republic with Ian Baker Finch where we did an infomercial for the Rife Putter Company. We shot the infomercial at beautiful Casa de Campo. Rife sold a ton of putters, and a Rife rep was at every tour event. Lots of tour players experimented with Rife putters and used one of the putter designs in tournaments. Most of the time the tour player could not say anything because they have lucrative contracts with major companies.
I don’t see many Rife putters now. I do see Guerin’s nearly exact designs being done by major manufacturer’s and being widely used on the PGA tour.
It’s an interesting story on a surprising design feature in modern golf, only it was done back in the 1990’s in a scientific way. Putters from a hundred years ago had grooves, but I don’t believe it was meant to roll the putt better than a smooth face.

Guerin Rife Blog

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