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There was Babe Ruth in baseball who did the unthinkable. He was so much better than anyone else that comparisons were not on the table. When Ruth hit 59 homes runs the second best was less than half that number. He hit a baseball like nobody had ever imagined. He hit 60 the next year. And so it was the the incomparable Sam Snead in golf. Sam hit the ball like nobody had ever seen with an effortless swing.
I had the incredible opportunity to spend time with Sam, extensively interview him, play with him and complete a comprehensive DVD with Sam on his ideas and thoughts on the golf swing and his game. We did it at his home in West Virginia for 3 days. I also stayed with him at The Masters twice when Sam hit the honorary first tee ball.
Sam did things that just seem impossible and I think they will live forever. He made a hole in one with every club in his bag. He made 39 total aces. He shot a “60” at age 71 at the fine Cascades Upper course. He was disappointed that he missed an easy putt at 18 that day for a 59. Sam shot a “59” in the Snead Festival Golf Tournament, but also he shot that score 9 other times in his life.
He won 82 PGA tour events, though the PGA tour took away a few wins due to a strength of field issue. He won all over the world and he won 7 majors.
He won pro tournaments in 6 decades. He was the longest driver of his time and could hit every shot in the book on call.
At the Disney event Lanny Wadkins and other tour pros would have Sam hit shots at the Disney characters set out on the range as yardage markers. Yogi Bear was a yellow markers at the 200 yard placement. Lanny said Sam would routinely hit Yogi 4/5 times with a 4 iron. Believe me it was not easy to impress Lanny Wadkins.
At the same tournament young Bobby Cole of South Africa entered the range and as usual Sam summoned him over to check on his old South African friend, Bobby Locke. Locke had won 5 British Opens and beat Sam in 14/16 matches they once played together in exhibition matches played in South Africa. Sam called Locke “pie face” because of Locke’s round facial features. Anyway, after a brief talk, Sam who was hitting 3 irons at a shagger confidently asked Bobby what kind of shot would he like to see. Bobby said hit a high hook. Sam hit a beautiful high hook and looked directly at Bobby Cole. Bobby said “no good”!  Sam asked what could possibly be wrong with that perfect shot. Bobby said “it flew 10 yards over the caddy”. Sam said “OK, one more”. Sam drew back the 3 iron, hit the Sam beautiful high hook, but flew it directly into the shag bag”! Again he looked at Bobby Cole. Cole just shook his head and walked way amazed at what he had just witnessed. Impossible.
Harvey Penick was sponsored by his Austin Texas members to go play in the North South Open. He took a train all the way out there, went to the range and saw Snead hit golf balls. He went back to his room, packed back up, and took the train home.
Ben Crenshaw (2 time Masters Champion and Hall of Fame member) has one of my favorite Snead quotes. He said, “I never saw Byron Nelson play, and I only saw Ben Hogan practice, but I played a lot with Sam Snead, and he plays the game the way it’s supposed to be played—the way you dream about playing just once in your life.”
Somebody said that watching Sam Snead practice was like “watching a fish practicing swimming”!
Anybody that loves golf and wants to learn things that Sam Snead tells you directly should view SAM SNEAD: THE GOLFSWING
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Sam Snead Blog

One thought on “Sam Snead Blog

  1. Bernardo Ardaya says:

    Nice stories…….Bobby Cole so nice person and had the great opportunity to meet him!!!!

    Congrats to the Jim McLean golf School……, the best of all times !!!!
    Good memories ….🚩👍

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