Another X-Factor Rip!

I read a feature article in Golf Digest this month (August) that totally misrepresented “The X Factor” which I wrote in the 1990’s, all my golf schools teach it very efficiently to this day. The author of this 2015 article is someone named Shawn Webb. I’m enclosing photos he inserted into his article entitled “Turn + Burn”. Some of my past articles on the role of the body have been titled “Load, Unload and Explode”, “The X Factor”, “The 4 Turns in the Golf Swing”, “The Y Factor”.  You can look these and many more up.
I’ve had The X Factor title and the ideas I wrote ripped off many times. On a positive note it’s a staple of modern 3D biomechanics. I actually wrote 3 magazine articles on The X Factor in the early 1990’s, and then did a 10 part (30 minute shows) on The Golf Channel. I had The X Factor trademarked and it was a huge golf topic worldwide. I spoke around the world to golf pros on how the body worked most efficiently and how players at different levels could maximize their power potential. I wrote “The X Factor” book in 1996 (copyrighted) and then did a VHS video tape, later in 2004 I did an X Factor DVD, a section of that video was done with biomechanics expert Dr. Rob Neal.
Several huge magazines have done major X Factor articles with no reference or credit to me as is required with copyright laws and trademark laws. One magazine did “The New X Factor ” cover piece article with a well known teacher. The article contained incorrect ideas trying to invent new power moves that were just downright wrong. I didn’t like my name and my ideas associated with this rip off, but I did not sue.
This latest article by Shawn Webb says “power doesn’t come from creating a lot of The X Factor in your swing”. He goes on to write about new biomechanics research on how the legs work. I’ll spare you the details.
Obviously Shawn has not read any of my X Factor material or watched the DVD’s or come to see me. He just slams The X Factor not knowing what I’ve written or spoken about on foot action, leg action, vertical hip and shoulder action. Also the photos he used in the article are just awful. It’s embarrassing. Some of what he writes is just more rip off, but some is just highly damaging to helping golfers get better. It’s unbelievably confusing.
People get caught on copyright and trademark infringement every day. Instead of crediting sources they make it theirs. Sometimes they denigrate people who have done real research, but use their trademarks to get PR for themselves.
I don’t have a clue what Shawn Webb was thinking. I don’t know the man. I do know he misrepresented The X Factor in his recent article. It’s another example of teachers being unable to do something themselves and using another’s idea, good or bad. Maybe he just hasn’t done much reading. I know by reading his article that he’s done no research on The X Factor.
The X Factor is all about creating leverage with the body. It’s about body motion, body angles, and body moves. I used every part of the body, from the feet to the head as I studied how the body influences ball striking. Read about it if you would like. In the meantime I’ll keep giving you our newest research from the JMGS teaching staff.
As I mentioned we use The X Factor concepts in every golf school. We explain the sequence of power movements and what leads and what follows going back and forward. We use the best players in golf to show safety zones and parameters. Using body drills we teach people how to use “the engine” of the golf swing. In biomechanics terms we teach pelvis, torso, arms, then club in the forward swing but I’ve found that most golfers relate much better to feet (pressure), hips (core), arms, hands in the downswing. It’s all in The X Factor book and is referenced in many other books and articles I’ve written. In those books I detailed where I learned the information, who gave to me, what their credentials were, and also how I learned. In short, I put great players ideas into research and studied with other top teachers to arrive at the important information contained in “The X Factor”.

-Jim McLean

In the same golf digest magazine, this is a power move.  Look at the picture of Justin Thomas and what the caption says.
In the same golf digest magazine, this is a power move. Look at the picture of Justin Thomas and what the caption says.
This picture also contradicts his article with regards to the right leg.
This picture also contradicts his article with regards to the right leg.


Another X-Factor Rip!

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