Comparing the old Blue to the new Blue

Note: This is solely my opinion on the difficulty rating on each hole. It’s my 23rd year at a Trump National Doral. The changes made to this resort have been incredible. I did the 1999 renovation and Gil Hanse did this all new 2014 restoration.

1.  The new first hole is far more difficult than the old one which had a round pancaked green. It’s 50 yards longer and a lake is very much in play. MORE DIFFICULT
2.  This is a totally new hole and is slightly more difficult.  MORE DIFFICULT
3.  Essentially the same hole, but the driving area is pinched in slightly more and the slope off the right side of the green goes straight to the lake. MORE DIFFICULT
4.  Great new tee behind the lake, as was in the original Dick Wilson plans. Makes this one of the most beautiful and difficult par 3’s in the world. MORE DIFFICULT
5.  Hole was lengthened by 20 yards and green built up. The fairway slopes the opposite way go the fairway. Very tight drive.  MORE DIFFICULT
6. The same hole but with huge fairway bunkers that require most tour players to lay up off the tee, thus increasing the length of the second shot. The green has less slope than the old green, but I still think the hole is slightly more difficult. MORE DIFFICULT
7. Great change to this hole in lengthening it and putting the green behind the bunker, except that the bunkering off the tee requires a perfect drive. So the drive is much harder, the hole is 40 yards longer, water is in play and the green is tough. MORE DIFFICULT.
8. This hole is shorter and you don’t carry the old lake. Just about all tour players can get to this hole now. That wasn’t the case before. The old green was super tough. EASIER
9. Could be even harder than #4. A heart stopping tee shot to a super narrow green with water bordering the right side. MORE DIFFICULT.
10. The tee shot is now off the charts tough. The second shot is tough as well. The green complex is really tough. The hole is 620 yards. MORE DIFFICULT.
11. This hole use to have an option of going down the double fairway. Now the hole is much longer and everyone goes down the left side. Green is much tougher. MORE DIFFICULT
12.  Pretty much the same hole but tighter on the drive with a more difficult green. Also the second shot is very narrow. MORE DIFFICULT
13.  This was the toughest par 3 on the old course, and it had a small turtle back green that was tough to hit. The new green is much bigger and receptive. EASIER
14.  A new green is well bunkered and raised. The hole is much longer and the second shot is really tough. MUCH HARDER
15.  The old green was super narrow and raised. Very cool hole. The new green is now almost an island green, but it’s a gigantic target.  EASIER
16.  Now a drivable par 4. It has magnificent bunkering. The old hole required a great drive and the green was more difficult.  EASIER
17.  The driving area was changed with another fairway that slopes the opposite way of the dogleg. The hole is very similar to the old hole. The green might be easier. SAME
18. The tee shot is now 10 yards longer. The water hazard is now in play for everyone. More trees planted on the right side. The hardest finishing hole in golf is now harder. MORE DIFFICULT.

So there you have it. MY SYNOPSIS OF THE FAMOUS NEW BLUE MONSTER.  It’s a fabulous test of golf. It’s beautiful and very much updated. A true test of golf talent. Tests all parts of your game.  Fifteen holes are more difficult, two holes are easier, and I rate one of the holes the same.

It’s a must play golf course. And, by the way, the other 3 course at Trump a National Doral are fantastic, too. It’s the best golf resort in Florida and it’s now right up there with Pebble Beach and Bandon Dunes. Throw in Miami, the weather, the international airport nearby, the ease of getting to Trump National Doral and it might be  the #1 experience in overall public golf. The other 3 golf courses are truly remarkable,but The Blue is the “crown jewel”. The 2015 Cadillac World Golf Championship will be the 45th consecutive PGA tour played on this golf course. The greatest players in golf have won here including Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Raymond Floyd, Ben Crenshaw, Tom Kite, and Ernie Els. All Hall of Fame golfers. The Trump National Doral golf course is known worldwide and the event is always on World TV.

Comparing the old Blue to the new Blue

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