Top Reasons To Take a Jim McLean Golf School

Top Ten Reasons to take a Jim McLean Golf School

10.Take a fun vacation.
9. Hear great golf stories.
8. Opportunity to meet new people/ form friendships.
7. Increase your “Golf I.Q.”
6. Learn a “Total Game” (25% Theory) approach to the game.
5. Learn with the best technology
4. Opportunity to learn from a great team of Instructors
3. Perfect environment for focused learning.
2. #1 Rated Golf School in America for several years in a row.
1. To improve-with results!

What a golf school isn’t?

It shouldn’t be an experience where you leave with your head spinning and with a million blisters! It should not be a place where you go to help your game and yet you and your friends all get taught the same swing. Evaluate which golf school is best for you by doing your research and seeing who is annually rated as the best.

Why will an indoor facility hurt your game?

1. You don’t see the ball flight.
2. You will be taught “A swing” versus improving “Your Swing”=DANGEROUS
3. It’s easy to get too technical.
4. You don’t learn the game, you just learn the swing.
5. Indoor facilities don’t teach you how to get the ball in the hole.
6. Nothing but artificial turf. (Where is the divot???)
7. What about short game?

Top Reasons To Take a Jim McLean Golf School

One thought on “Top Reasons To Take a Jim McLean Golf School

  1. nick Berry says:

    I read your excellent book The Complete Hogan. On page 19 while discussing supination you write it means the LEFT palm should be facing down at impact. Then you go to write that amateurs do the opposite. Is that an editing mistake? Would that not be pronation which amateurs tend to do?

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