The best chipper and putter I’ve ever seen…

One of my best friends in golf is Carl Lohren. I met him when I was in the Metropolitan Section of the PGA in the New York City area. Carl Wrote a book, One Move to Better Golf. Carl also competed some on tour. I mentioned Carl in my book, The Slot Swing. Specifically, I used his pitching technique which has a slight loop to the inside on the downswing. This uses the bounce of the club extremely effectively. Carl is the best chipper and putter I’ve seen. He was not a long hitter but wow, what a short game! World class.

Lee Trevino uses the same technique. Tiger too. The club drops in ever so slightly on the downswing and there’s a slight pivot. The technique differs completely from leaning the shaft forward and coming down steeply on the ball.

I was in a tournament in the Met section once and I tied for first place with Carl. There were two playoff holes. On both holes, I drove the ball perfectly right down the middle, about 80 yards past Carl. But he won the playoff…Par-Birdie with the help of his pitching. If you want to lower your score, learn to chip and pitch like Carl.


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The best chipper and putter I’ve ever seen…

One thought on “The best chipper and putter I’ve ever seen…

  1. Jack Manheimer says:

    If Tiger Woods would have had Mr. Lohren as his teacher he would have won well over 30 Majors. There is a big difference in a band-aid approach and what the proper pre set is truly all about.

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