New Golf School in Miami Now Open…and other news!

Busy and exciting few days.

I’ll have more about this in a few days but the newest Jim McLean Golf School opened in downtown Miami on the 19th floor of the J.W. Marriott Marquis. There’s also a full basketball court and the Miami Heat came for a demonstration/exhibition. Alexis Thompson was there for the opening and so was Anna Kournikova.

It’s really exciting to be opening golf schools when the industry is generally in a downturn because ultimately, it shows there are still plenty of opportunities in the game.

Several PGA Tour players are at the Doral school. The photographers with Golf Digest were in town for a series of shots for a major piece plus some single page shots. There’s also going to be a segment with Alexis Thompson who will be in Dubai for a tournament soon.

Alexis played in some men’s mini-tour events and finished 2nd and 5th. She made enough money on the LPGA Tour to earn full-time status but the LPGA won’t grant full-time status to any player under 18; Alexis turns 16 in February. So she can’t play more than six events. It’s a shame for the LPGA Tour because Alexis would help the tour. She could win multiple times right now and would help ticket sales and sponsorships.


For the Jim McLean Golf School site, go here.

#1 Golf Schools in America

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New Golf School in Miami Now Open…and other news!

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