Tons going on at the Jim McLean Golf School

It’s normally the rainy season in Miami this time of year but the weather has been beautiful. Not this year. Very few afternoon showers and cooler temps.

Got out this morning the Jim McLean Signature course at Doral in Miami. I was fortunate enough to renovate this course. It’s in great condition. Below is a video of my son, Jon, on the 15th hole; he’s getting ready for stage one of ‘Q School.’

Below is a photo of the 16th on the Blue Monster Course at Doral. These are some of my favorite bunkers in all of golf.


I spent most of the summer of 1999 working on these bunkers at the 16th hole at Doral's Blue Monster


I’m working with several juniors at Doral including Zora Gittens (below); she is 10 and already really good. I’m also working with Naomi Mitchell from Virginia. They both have the ‘fire’ and drive.


With junior Zora Gittens at Doral


I’m looking at a new weight shift machine. At the Jim McLean Golf School, we’re always looking at the latest technology. We were among the very first to use video technology and all 80 of our instructors know how to use video.

Next up…a private golf school with Ryder Cup team member Matt Kuchar at Palm Springs. I’m also speaking to more than 300 PGA professionals in Seattle on October 20.


For the Jim McLean Golf School site, go here.

#1 Golf Schools in America

Scott Martin, a copywriter who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, is helping me with my blog. For his site, go here. Scott’s helping me with a business book.

Tons going on at the Jim McLean Golf School

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