Fort Worth Academy

Just returned from spending some time at the Jim McLean Golf School in Fort Worth Texas. Things are going really well there. I want to focus on the Jim McLean Junior Academy there, which provides full-time golf for the juniors year-round. They stay there and pursue academics in the morning and golf in the afternoon. JJ Henry on the PGA Tour is a graduate. The goal is to make it the Harvard of junior golf schools…there’s an application process.

I watched a lot of the students play and they are really, really good. Actually, it was inspiring. Their technique is excellent and they’re in great shape. And they’re good kids, too.

When I was putting together the school, I traveled to Japan, Australia, Europe…I traveled all over the world looking at academies. In many countries, the state organizes an elite junior academy for golfers.

The students work out at Back Nine Fitness and the instructors are great. We have great teachers there. Justin Poynter leads the academy.

Here’s the site for the junior academy. Tom Fazio designed the academy there and it’s always in great condition. The students get excellent mental training, too.

In the United States, we’re way behind when it comes to these academies but we’re catching up. The USGA and the PGA of America don’t do anything when it comes to this type of junior development. In Australia, there’s a national academy and Jason Day came out of it…he’s a young star on the PGA Tour and practices at my Fort Worth school.

It was really exciting to spend some time with those young players.


For the Jim McLean Golf School site, go here.

#1 Golf Schools in America

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Fort Worth Academy

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