On to the Jim McLean Golf School at PGA West…

My ‘western swing’ continued as I left Colorado and went to the Jim McLean Golf Schools in ‘The Desert’ in California. There’s a school at PGA West and one at La Quinta; here’s the La Quinta site.

We have a new GM at the resort, Gary Sims; I had a great meeting with Gary and I’m excited about the upcoming year in the desert. It’s one of the most beautiful places anywhere and I’ve played golf pretty much everywhere. La Quinta is a Waldorf Astoria resort.

Sunni at the front desk at the Jim McLean Golf School at La Quinta

One new teacher is Will Yanagaswa; I taught Will for many years and he’s been playing professional golf all over the world. Will has a perfect golf swing, just beautiful to watch. He played at Stanford with Tiger Woods and one year Will shot 64 in the last round of the NCAA to propel Stanford to the NCAA crown! It will be awesome to have a Stanford graduate teaching for us at La Quinta. I know he will build a great clientele quickly. He already knows my system and will hit the ground running.

John Battaglia in front of the range at the Jim McLean Golf School at PGA WEST. John is a Master Instructor.

In Colorado, Dave Alvarez and I did a huge amount of work. Dave has been my friend for over 35 years. We started together in the Met Section…the PGA chapter in the New York City area. Dave served in Viet Nam. Whenever I go into the woods, I like to have Alvarez around in case we run into a bear or moose. We fish occasionally in Aspen where Dave spends the winters. He is helping me set up a Jim McLean junior camp in Aspen. We already had an AJGA Jim McLean junior event in Aspen this past summer. It sold out immediately and was a big hit. Dave and Alden did a great job setting everything up first class.
By the way Dave was the head professional at the famous Maidstone Club on Long Island for 8 years and also Fishers Island Club for 11 years. He then was the Director of Instruction for the NYC Jim McLean Golf School at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. I had a golf school there for 6 years.

While at PGA WEST I worked on my own game with Top 50 teacher Carl Welty (also teaches at PGA WEST). After 11 weeks of therapy for shoulder surgery, I’m back playing golf. Really hit some nice shots today thanks to Carl, and of course my great doctor, Steven Nickolas (Lennox Hill, NYC).

Next stop is my Texas school in Fort Worth Texas.

Jason Day came second in the Deutsche Bank Championship. He lives on the second hole of my golf course at Weston. If he wins the FedEx Cup, he may buy the entire golf course. An extra 10 million comes in handy!

For the Jim McLean Golf School site, go here.


#1 Golf Schools in America

Scott Martin, a copywriter who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, is helping me with my blog. For his site, go here. Scott’s helping me with a business book I’m going to sell initially as an ebook.

Update…Jim McLean Golf School student Jason Day was -47 in his past 3 tour events. Jim McLean Golf School student Hunter Haas has been -60 in the past 3 Nationwide events. Both work on their games at the Jim McLean Golf School in Ft Worth Tx. Unreal great golf…

Hunter won a Nationwide event by 5 shots. He’s a lock to make the PGA Tour for 2011. That’s our 5th player to make the PGA Tour out of my school in Texas. Which other golf school produces that type of tangible result?

Most of the famous golf teachers start working with players once they’ve arrived and made it. At the Jim McLean Golf School, we’ve helped hundreds of professional golfers make it from the minor leagues to ‘The Show’ and then make millions when they get there.

#1 Golf Schools in America

On to the Jim McLean Golf School at PGA West…

2 thoughts on “On to the Jim McLean Golf School at PGA West…

  1. Hi Jim,

    you seem like a knowledgeable guy so I figured I’d ask you for some advice. I’m looking into the Kaiser University College of Golf Program. Have you heard of it? If so, do you think it is a good place to go for a golf degree? Thanks for any advice!

    1. Yes, I’ve heard of the Kaiser University College of Golf. Its a great program if you are passionate about pursuing a career in golf. I believe they offer a wide range of training programs within every aspect of the golf industry. It’s also located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, nearby the PGA Learning Center, a spectacular facility!

      Best of Luck,

      Jim McLean

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