Over 250 people at Jim McLean Golf School clinic in Utah

I just spent three days in Utah, mostly at Red Ledges at the Jim McLean Golf School there. It’s a beautiful school at a great new course near Park City. It’s only 40 minutes from Salt Lake City’s airport.

The Jim McLean Golf School at Red Ledges...is there are more beautiful place to learn our great game?

Jon Paupore is the Director of Instruction at Red Ledges and is a great teacher and super player too. Two days of teaching including a clinic with 250 people in attendance…lots of fun.

Jon is teaching Kelli Kheune, so she helped us in the clinic. Kelli is great friends with Cristie Kerr. I’ll be at Cristie’s outing in NYC in two weeks with Kelli and many other LPGA tour players. Clinic went great. Red Ledges was in perfect condition. They had a huge event for animal protection, abandoned dogs and cats, and sold out the event. Mitchell and Annika Burns organized everything.

Jon, a young student at Red Ledges

My new PowerBilt clubs feel awesome and I’m very pleased with the metal woods and the irons.

I saw Mark O’Meara at the Champions Tour event when I was in Seattle and he set me up with a fly fishing trip on the Provo. I owe Mark. Went one early evening and slayed fish…just a great experience.

After Utah, it was off to Aspen, Colorado.

I just saw the actor Robert Wagner in the Aspen airport. He was on my team at the Michael Douglas tournament one year (I was there for eight years). My prayers are with my friend Michael who was diagnosed with throat cancer. Robert and I spoke about that for awhile. Robert still looks strong, very good.


For the Jim McLean Golf School site, go here.

#1 Golf Schools in America

Scott Martin, a copywriter who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, is helping me with my blog. For his site, go here. Scott’s helping me with a business book I’m going to sell initially as an ebook.

Over 250 people at Jim McLean Golf School clinic in Utah

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