Let Alexis Thompson play

Yesterday, Saturday, I worked with Alexis Thompson for three hours. We spent most of the time on the golf course. We worked on putting and she’s putting great. It’s too bad she can’t play for three weeks. That’s right…several players on the LPGA Tour have complained vehemently about Alexis playing in events. It’s comical. She could beat the players who are complaining like a drum; she’s proven she can play. The LPGA needs people coming to tournaments. Lexi can pull in a gallery. Why would you NOT want a great young player like Alexis in your event? The LPGA should let her play in every tournament.

I’m leaving for Toronto tomorrow, Monday. I’m working on a new teaching program with a High Definition simulator. It’s super advanced.

For the Jim McLean Golf Schools web site, go here.

Let Alexis Thompson play

One thought on “Let Alexis Thompson play

  1. John says:


    Have you ever heard of something called LPGA tour q-school or earning enough money in qualified LPGA tour events to equal or better position 80 on the LPGA tour money list? Well, both are ways for Lexi to earn her way onto the LPGA tour. No one, not even Lexi, is special enough to simply throw qualifying rules or exemption lists out the window to allow her to play at will.

    If Lexi is as good as you think she is, she should be able to earn enough money on her remaining 3 exemptions to equal of better 80th place on the LPGA tour 2010 season money list. Oh wait a minute, she just missed the cut in the womens’ Canadian Open. That’s odd, I thought you were willing to throw rules out the window and just let her play, should the cut rule be thrown out as well?

    Jim, I got a suggestion for you. You tend to golf instruction and leave the rest to rules that are in place on the LPGA tour, including, what must be a very pesky rule for you to face up to, the LPGA tour’s minimum age of 18 for membership.

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