More about Erik Compton…in reply to a CBS Golf request…

Seeing as Erik Compton is playing so well at the Greenbrier Classic, CBS Sports asked me for some background information. Rich Lerner used a line from my reply.

Excerpts from what I sent them.

“Well you know I went with him to Pebble…walked all practice rounds and
tournament. I really worked hard with him on the importance of making it to a U.S. Open.

“We now work on mental stuff and having enough energy to go 72 holes. His
worst thing…his mental up and downs. I work hard on that. He tends look for
problems in his swing or equipment…when there are no problems.

“I think his swing is near perfect. I’ve taught him at Doral since he was a teenager. He usually
stripes it day in and day out. He practices very little. I work on keeping
things simple. For Erik that is a neutral swing path. I don’t like to see him
get too fancy. He out thinks himself.

One thing for sure is he has tour talent.

“He has much more to deal with than most other people: he gets lots of bad
headaches. He had heart palpitations last week and had to cancel a game with my
son at his home course Deering Bay. Erik is at Doral all the time. He might change
something with his clubs five times a week.

“I have never charged Erik one cent for our 17 years together. He is a hero to me and
my family. If he did not have heart issues he would be on the tour full time for sure. His
swing is effortless, but also very powerful. When he feels good he can still
kill it. I taught him that slight Ken Venturi-Bruce Lietzke fade driver game; it’s his  is ‘go to’ shot.

“Although he has made many cuts he has not pulled off the big week we always felt
would happen. Maybe this week. I think I taught Erik every shot I know over all
the years. What he has done prior to this week is already a miracle.

“I never thought he would play again after the massive heart attack.”

Enjoy watching Erik play this weekend. I know he can pull off miracles. And he’s a huge inspiration.

More about Erik Compton…in reply to a CBS Golf request…

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