Alexis Thompson was great at the U.S. Women’s Open…but she can get a lot better

I’ve been working with Alexis Thompson, one of the best young golfers in the world. She is 15 and turned professional a few weeks ago. In the photo, she’s holding a check from the USGA for $72,000; she earned this for the well-deserved 10th place finish in the United States Women Open.

She played really, really well on a difficult golf course…Oakmont in Pittsburgh. She had a double bogey on the first hole on the last day then parred every hole…a really solid performance.

Student Alexis Thompson earned $72,000 for her 10th place finish at the U.S. Women's Open...I'm really proud of what she's achieved.

When she returned, she came to visit my home with her father. We spent three hours talking about her game and the championship. We produced seven pages of “improvement notes.”

She’s not going to rest on her laurels.

“What did you learn?” I asked her. She noticed the top players putted really, really well. She’s a good putter already; we discussed what it would take to become one of the best on tour. We went over ideas I’ve learned from great putters like Brad Faxon, Ben Crenshaw, and Jackie Burke. I’ve read all the books by the putting ‘gurus’ out there. Each has a method.

Here’s what I told Alexis.

Her body moves when she putts; she needs her body to be dead still and rock solid.
She needs to follow one methodology, one technique.
I gave her two drills.
I told her she has the potential to be a great putter.
You have to WANT to be a great putter.
It may take 2-3 years to get to where she wants to be.
Even the great putters have the occasional bad putting week.
Cristie Kerr, student and world #1 learned to become a great putter.
Alexis needs to become self-sufficient when it comes to putting…she must be able to self-diagnose.

I’m really proud of Alexis. Many top teachers take on players when they are close to the top. I’ve been working with Alexis from the beginning and we even went through a grip change…something really, really hard.

For the Jim McLean Golf School site, go here.

Scott Martin, a copywriter who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, is helping me with my blog. For his site, go here. Scott’s collaborating with me with on a business book.
UPDATE…Alexis has earned $310,000 in just three events…she was second in the Evian Masters and is also getting some endorsement money. She’s off to a great start.

Alexis Thompson was great at the U.S. Women’s Open…but she can get a lot better

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