British Open thoughts…

Congratulations to Louis Oosthuizen who won The Open Championship so emphatically. I walked 18 holes with Louis and Sergio Garcia during a practice round at the CA Championship two years ago. His swing looks like Retief Goosen’s; they have the same body type.

He drove the ball really well…he did everything well…and the commentators on the ESPN broadcast talked a lot about the driver being the most important club in the bag. I write about this in my Eight-Step Swing book.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have not been especially accurate over the last two years so the driver might not be as important. The game at the pro level has become bomb it, dig it out with a wedge, then putt great.

Tiger used a different putter; on TV, some of the announcers saw this as a negative. All the great players have changed putters. Jack Nicklaus used a Bull’s Eye, a Bristol, then the oversized putter he used to win The Masters in 1986. Lee Trevino changed putters. So I saw the change as a positive.

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British Open thoughts…

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