Tiger Woods…out with new and in with the old

I paid a lot of attention to Tiger’s swing over the weekend at the British Open. I saw some changes…he’s going back to his old swing.

I was ‘there’ when Tiger started changing his swing in 2002.

It was at Doral during the PGA Tour event…I noticed Tiger working with Mark O’Meara, a Hank Haney student; they were working on some back swing ideas. I spoke with Tiger in the clubhouse that year and he was going to come by the school to have some photos and video shot but he never came by.

Anyway…working with Mark O’Meara was the first sign I saw Tiger was changing his swing.

As we all know, Tiger started working with Hank Haney and Tiger’s ball flight was more right-to-left and it was more of a hands and arms swing. It worked…look at the results. I wrote that Tiger could pretty much use any swing and any grip (even cross-handed) and win.

However, when Tiger was working with Butch Harmon, Tiger had every major trophy in his house and he was the best driver of the golf ball and his stroke average per round was about 1.5 shots better than anyone.

I’m not going to go through the off-course events in Tiger’s life but these events must be affecting him.

Perhaps it’s no surprise Tiger’s returning to his ‘old’ swing…the one he and Butch built. It’s more of a big muscle swing. I think this will help him. When Tiger was working with Butch, his ball flight was dead straight or maybe a tiny fade.

Tiger’s game is coming back. Will be as strong as he was mentally?

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Tiger Woods…out with new and in with the old

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