Oakmont is going to be a fierce golf course for the U.S. Women’s Open

Currently at Oakmont for the U.S. Women’s Open. Some notes from Wednesday’s practice round.

  • I’m here with two great students…world #1 Cristie Kerr and 15 year-old Alexis Thompson who just turned pro.
  • The golf course is incredible…the fairways are really firm and the ball is running; greens are about 14 on the stimpmeter; it’s difficult to find easy pin locations on these greens.
  • You’ll see three putts, four putts, and even five putts.
  • The women have probably never played a golf course this hard.
  • I’ve been spending some time with Oakmont head golf professional Bob Ford. Bob has been the pro here for 28 years; he recently qualified for the U.S. Senior Open and he’s a good friend; we’ve been partners in golf tournaments. I had dinner at his home last night and Cristie came by.
  • Bob knows the course really well and his knowledge should help Cristie and Alexis.
  • Cristie just finished a clinic with Arnold Palmer today (Wednesday). It was good to spend some time with “The King.” He was in a playoff with Jack Nicklaus in the 1962 U.S. Open here at Oakmont.
  • Over par will win this championship.
  • Famous women’s amateur Carol Semple Thompson is here and I spent some time with her over lunch.
  • I’ve worked with four U.S. Women’s Open champions: Liselotte Neumann, Lauri Merten, Cristie, and Jane Geddes. I also worked with Tom Kite the year he won the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.
  • It’s supposed to get cooler on Friday but it’s hot now…94 degrees.

Overall…it’s going to be a big, big test on one of the country’s best golf courses.

For the Jim McLean Golf School site, go here.

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Oakmont is going to be a fierce golf course for the U.S. Women’s Open

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