10 reasons to follow my blog

Welcome to my blog…I’m excited to start communicating with fellow golfers AND business owners. I have a passion for the game and a passion for business. If you like golf and/or want to know about my business thoughts, click on the RSS feed for posts (upper right) and you’ll get regular blog updates.

Ten reasons I believe you’ll enjoy the blog…

  1. Learn the latest golf improvement techniques
  2. Get special golfer insider knowledge.
  3. Learn about the professional golfers I meet
  4. Get real world business knowledge as I grow my business and schools
  5. Get some full swing and short game instruction
  6. Meet the wonderful and interesting people I meet every day
  7. Visit some great places and golf courses with me as I travel
  8. Special stories about golfers I’ve met in over 30 years in golf
  9. Thoughts about what’s going on in golf and business
  10. Special thoughts for junior golfers.

For my site, go here.

I'll be blogging about once a week...if you like golf and/or business development, follow the blog by clicking the RSS feed.

To subscribe to the blog, click on the RSS feed.

Scott Martin, a copywriter who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, is helping me with my blog. For his site, go here. Scott’s helping me with a business book I’m going to sell initially as an ebook.

10 reasons to follow my blog

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